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The All New Running and Cycling Hub

2020 was a year we will never forget.

A year we all realised how important our health is and, not coincidently, a year when  when thousands of people discovered the enormous physical and mental health benefits of running and cycling, as we escaped lockdown for 30 minutes to get our of daily dose of feel good endorphins.

With so many new or "reborn" runners and cyclists now looking to make the most of their new found fitness, sign ups for marathons , half marathon, 10k's and sportives are on the rise - and that's where we come in.

The New GH Training Hub now features all training, stretching, injury and nutrition advice in one place and with the "in hub" advanced search engine, you can find videos, tutorials and vlogs to answer every training question you have.

Main features include:

Access the Hub for FREE 

Access to the Hub is free for one year, if you sign up for any event with a subscribing Charity.

Once you sign up for an event, your Charity will provide you with a unique login code and hey presto - you will have full access to the GH Training Running Hub and everything it has to offer.

Run or cycle in as many events as you like and you use the videos, tutorials and guides to your hearts content to help you from your first step to your last.

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